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Emeril's Kicked Up Sandwiches

  • Philly Cheesesteak

    Philly Cheesesteak

    This recipe has a great trick to mimic the method for the flat-top griddle that makes for an authentic-tasting Philly cheesesteak.

    • Yield: 4 sandwiches
    Tags: sandwiches
  • Two-day Multigrain Bread

    Two-day Multigrain Bread

    If you like hearty breads chock-full of seeds, nuts, and whole grains, then this one is for you! It takes two days to make but it's so simple - you hardly have to do a thing.

  • White Sandwich Bread

    Here’s a recipe for the quintessential soft, tender, full-flavored white sandwich loaf. These loaves are easily made mid-morning to be enjoyed by early afternoon.

    • Yield: 2 loaves
  • Curried Chicken Salad On Pumpernickel

    Curried Chicken Salad On Pumpernickel

    Perfectly sweet and savory, this sandwich is delectable - suitable for any occasion. Next time you're the host, this is an easy make-ahead choice.

    • Yield: 8 sandwiches
    Tags: sandwiches
  • Pumpernickel Bread

    You have got to try this wonderful rich dark bread. Blackstrap molasses, unsweetened chocolate, and a bit of espresso powder lend gorgeous color as well as intensely delicious, complex flavor.

    • Yield: 1 round loaf
  • Sopressata And Genoa Salami Calzones

    Sopressata And Genoa Salami Calzones

    I love this calzone with a variety of salami, but this is a recipe where you can safely go in many directions. And you don't have to eat them right out of the oven, either - they travel well, so pack your picnic basket!

    • Yield: 4 calzones
  • Semolina Pizza Dough

    Use this simple pizza dough any time you want to make pizzas or calzones. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

    • Yield: Two 12- or 14-inch pizzas, or 4 calzones
  • Sun-dried Tomato And Walnut Pesto

    As good as it is on the Three-Cheese Veggie Sandwich, this pesto can be used for lots of other things. Try it over pasta or tossed with vegetables, or throw a few spoonfuls of it into a bowl with salad fixings and use it as a dressing.

    • Yield: About 1 1/2 cups
  • Herbed Focaccia

    Herbed Focaccia

    If you have a bit of leftover mashed potato, this is what you do with it: make tender, delicious bread. Though you already know there’s nothing like fresh bread, this recipe will show you why focaccia is a favorite.

    • Yield: 10 to 12 servings