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Morel Mushrooms


  • This edible wild mushroom belongs to the same family as the truffle. It has a honeycomb-type pattern on its cap, which is shaped like a cone, and it can be tiny (1/2 inch) or large (up to 4 inches). It is usually a mousy brown color, though sometimes darker. They are usually quite expensive, but rest assured that only a few morels would give any dish or sauces an intense flavor. When choosing morels, look for the ones that are firm and fresh looking, and keep away from any that look or feel soft or soggy. If all you can find is the dried version, don’t panic: you can still make an intensely flavored sauce or soup with them after reconstituting them in water, stock or wine. Please make sure that you clean fresh morels well with a soft brush or quickly under running water, as all of the little compartments on their caps are the perfect hiding places for grains of sand. Though their wonderful, earthy flavor is highly prized by chefs and foodies, you will be happy to hear that simple preparations are all that are needed to fully emphasize their special qualities. One of the best ways to enjoy morels are simply sautéed in butter, maybe served over pasta or spooned over a sautéed filet of any mild-flavored fish.