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Old Faithful Margarita

  • Yield: One 40-ounce blenderful


  • 1 (6 ounce) can Minute Maid frozen limeade
  • 5 to 6 ounces white tequila
  • 3 ounces triple sec
  • Ice (preferably clear crushed)
  • Limes to taste


  • Empty the limeade into your trusty blender and use the empty can as a measuring cup. (That's part of the beauty of this method, if you got a blender, there's very little guesswork). Add the other liquid ingredients (I tend to use a can of tequila and a half can of triple sec, a combination that makes a good strong drink.) Set blender on "churn" and gently mix for about 10 seconds. Pack blender to the top with ice and set to "stun" until the ice chunks turn to a smooth slush.
  • Safety Tip: You may have to mix the works up with a wooden spoon once or twice during the crush, so be sure to wait until the blades have stopped before puttin' the spoon in. Trust me.
  • Ingredient Notes:
  • Limeade: I use Minute Maid because it's well balanced (sweet to tart) and lack of artificial coloring. Grocery store off-brands tend to use green food coloring, which makes the final product look like Canadian antifreeze.
  • Tequila: Don't skimp. When you're at the liquor store, avoid cheaper brands named after random Hispanic icons (Sombrero Brand, El Toro, or La Bambita). Invest the extra two bucks in a serviceable mid-grade from one of the familiar export distilleries (Sauza or Cuervo Silver).
  • Triple Sec: If you're going to cut an economic corner, do it here. I just haven't been able to justify substituting more expensive orange liqueurs (Grand Marnier, Cointreau). As a general rule, I avoid bottles bearing the logos of major oil refineries. Other than that, anything goes.
  • Ice: Grab a bag at the store instead of depending on homemade cubes. Machine-made cubes run smaller than homemade, which means less wear and tear on your blender. It'll also help you make more batches quicker (people waiting for a good cold drink tend to get rabid between rounds).